5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Working With a Recruitment Consultant

We’ve always stated how it’s not easy being a recruitment consultant when you have to screen so many applicants, match them with the needs of the clients and ensure that both parties do well as they promise. But on the other side, it’s also not easy to be the job applicant. Some of you may not have any prior experience to dealing with one. So it’s best to be informed.

We’ve narrowed down the list to 5 tips you have to always remember when dealing with a recruitment consultant. We know how it works. You may not. So it’s best to be prepared.

5 Essential Tips to Remember in Dealing with a Consultant

1. Be truthful. Never exaggerate or overpromise. In the same way that you should not overpromise or exaggerate yourself to a company’s hiring manager, you should be truthful to a consultant. A recruitment consultant is your link to numerous companies. These are companies that are out of your reach. If you do not tell them what you want, what you can do and where you want to go then, they may misrepresent you. A company may want you based on the traits you really do not possess. If you are found out, you will burn bridges and your recruitment consultant may not want to represent you anymore.

2. Never say no to an interview. We do not know you. All we have is your resume. You may have a good resume but the same goes for the rest. All consultants want to maintain a quality database of candidates. And if you are good to our eyes then, you may just be one among the rest. If you want to stand out, go to interviews. It’ll make all the difference. Your personality and the way you present yourself will help you stand out in the crowd and land that next job for you.

3. Do not misrepresent the facts. If you have a desired salary in mind, inform the recruitment consultant. The last thing you want is to say a low range to your recruitment consultant and ask for a higher compensation in your company interview. Your credibility is at stake here. Don’t be afraid to be honest about your compensation requirements to your consultant. Most of us earn a percentage of your fee so it wouldn’t hinder us in job negotiations. State the facts as they are. They’ll work for you, not against you.

4. Be accessible. You may get so many calls from consultant from time to time even when you’re not out there looking for a job. Answer their calls. Keep your doors open. Another thing, consultants won’t know your talent when they do not get any access to you. Join social networks like LinkedIn. Post your resumes. Search the job boards. Recruitment consultants are there to help you out but they can’t do that if you don’t help them.

5. Avoid getting behind their backs. Some consultants will tell you that they shortlisted you to one of their client companies. Some will tell you the name of the companies. If you don’t receive any call for an interview, don’t go behind their backs and submit your resumes to the companies yourself. There is a reason companies hire the services of consultants. They would not want to screen all the applicants themselves. They trust that the recruitment consultants will do that for them. If you hand in your resume to these companies, there’s a huge chance they won’t even take a look at it. Worse, you risk losing that relationship with your consultants who will open doors for you.

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